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41. Evaluate F.dr where F = (x-3y) i + (y-2x)i and C is the closed curve in the xy plane, z =2 cos t, Jc y 3 sint fromt=0 to t= 277. Ans. 6, if C is traversed in the positive (counterclockwise) direction. 42. If T is a unit tangent vector to the curve C, r=r(u), show that the work done in moving a particle in a force field F along C is given by F.T ds where s is the arc length. 43. If F = (2x +y ")i + (3y-4x)j, evaluate F.dr around the triangle C of Figure 1, (a) in the indicated direction, (b) opposite to the indicated direction. Ans. (a) -14/3 (b) 14/3
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    hello. can you please send this question by click photo, because when we see the question some unnecessary words are also print. and we are not able to understand question clearly....
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