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43. Ifn-P P is the canonical represcntation, then (A) om) (B) 4()=H d (C)()-p4(0) (D) None of these 44. A positive integer a is called.. Tumber if the sum of its proper divisors is equal to a. (A) Fermutt's (B) Euler's (C) Perfect D) None of these 45. Which of the following is a perfect number ? (A) 6 (B) 7 (Both (A) and (3) (D) Nonc of thesc 46. If n is an integer22 such that 2-1 is prime, then j 1S a perfect number. (A) 2-1 (B) 2 (C) 2" (2-1) (D) None of these 47. The congruence x w a (mod p) solvable, then it has exactly olutionts). (B) 1 (A) 2 0 (C) (D) Nonc of these 48. If(a, b) =1, then (A) a 2 1(mod p) (B) a2 =-1 (mod p) (C) either a 21mod p) or a 2 -1(mod p) (D) None of these 19) XEH-3)-MAT(8)
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