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43. In heat transport, the rate of heat flow dOIdt s. solid slab is related to the temperature differen ce therea as, dO/dt=KA AT /L. Here K, A and L are the t conductivity, cross-sectional area and thickness o slab, respectively. In an actual experiment, assume the proportional errors in the measurement of heat a rate, each length scale and temperature difference 3%, 1%, and 5%, respectively. What is the maximi proportional error in the measurement of the thermel conductivity? (a) 8% (c) 10% me ta Qum (b) 9% (d) 11% IISc-2007
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  • Ghost. thankyou
    I guess it's a printing mistake because i rechecked my answer, errors always add up, you can check my solution. this book do have lot of printing errors when i used it to prepare. ...
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  • Amrutha t
    this questions from samveda publications. sir, is this book is use this book for your prepration.??
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    Ya i do have samvedna for preparation, but lateri do focus on my coaching materials and practice them.
  • Ghost.
    Option(d) is correct. remember every length measurement has 1% error so A will add 2% error because A= length *length. wishes.
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  • Amrutha t
    option given to be B
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