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47. which exhibit maximum strain level amon the following? a main boundary thrust b. main central thrust c. main frontal thrust d. high angle thrust (bhu-2013)

47. Which exhibit maximum strain level amon the following? A Main boundary thrust B. Main central thrust C. Main Frontal thrust D. High angle thrust (BHU-2013)

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    Raghubeer rai

    option A)Main boundary thrust is the correct option. After the collision of Indian and Eurasian plates ( ̴ 50 million years ago), continued progressive compression induced shortening that led to development of major thrusts/faults: South Tibetan Detachment, Main Central Thrust, Main Boundary Thrust (MBT), Himalayan Frontal Thrust (HFT), which indicate foreland propagation in-sequence thrusting. It implies that the southernmost part of the Himalaya represents the youngest deforming front that is being deformed by reactivation of MBT etc . Therefore, structural aspects of MBT were studied with reference to neotectonics. Towards north, the Lesser Himalaya is separated from Outer Himalaya by MBT, whereas towards south, HFT delimits Outer Himalaya from Indo-Gangetic Alluvial Plain. so youngest deformation represent maximum strain level.


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