Madhusudan Asked a Question
June 24, 2020 6:26 pmpts 30 pts
492 gen EWS category any chance iit bombay geophysics whose last year cutt off is 217 gen
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  • Himanshu Pandey thankyou
    Well it's not seems possible for iit Bombay, but as u said for EWS category which is newly introduced u can go for iit Delhi or for iit Madras Regards!
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  • Isha lohan Best Answer
    as ews is introduced this year for first time in IIT JAM, thus there are no predictions yet available. This year and few next consecutive years will provide any range fir ews categ...
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  • Mahak
    its tough to get iit bombay but you will defineatly get iit kgp geophysics iit kgp is also equivalent to iit bombay
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