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5. Given below is a set of 2 points combinations for appearance and dissappearance of fossils A and B, which of these is a partial range zone? younger A A B A B AB B C Biohorizon 2. Biohorizon 1- TT T older ( C) O a. (a) O b. (b) O c. (c) O d. (d)
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  • Ankita sahoo Best Answer
    A is concurrent zone ,B & C are interval zone & D is partial range zone
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  • Ankita sahoo thankyou
    option D becoz the partial range of a taxon between the last occurrence of a second and first appearance of third taxon and we get this in option D
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  • Mayank vedwal Vedwal
    option d is correct because in partial range zone A body of strata containing the documented lowest occurrence of one taxon and the documented highest occurrence of another taxon, ...
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