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50. Find -y lim (x,y)(0,0) x (A) 0 (B) co (C) 1 (D) Does not exist 51. Find the repeated limit lim lim )1+ x) y>0x-0 (x + y) (1 + y) (A) 0 (B) C) 1 (D) Does not exist 52. Let P be a partition of [a, b], m be the lower bound of f in [a, b], L (P.) b lower sum off to the partition P. Then (A) m (b-a) = L (P.) (B) m (b-a) 2 L (P,) (C) m (b-a) sL (P, (D) None of these 53. Let fd and fd be the upper and lower integrals off over [a, b]- the Darboux's condition of integrability is: (B) fd=-fd (D) None of these 54. f(x) dx means finding the: (B) area under the curvej from 0 t (A) area of the left of 1 (D) None of these (C) arca to right of 0 (13) XE(H-3)-MAT(5)
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