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54) Optically pure isomer A and B were heated with NaNg in DMF, The correct statement from the following is NMe2 (c "Ns NI Vie Me NMe2 (d) (8) (b) Br N3 [Question lID = 9822] 1. A gives optically pure D and B gives optically pure C [Option ID=39282] 2. A gives racemic mixture of C and B gives optically pure C [Option ID 39283] . *gve opticauly pure C and B gives racemic C [Option ID = 39284] 4. A gives optically pure D and B gives racemic D [Option 1D 39285]
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    Explanation: A gives racemic mixture since NMe2 and Br are trans diaxial hence NGP will operate and either of the two side attack is feasible giving rise to racemic product I...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    option B is correct
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