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55. The congruence 8r a 10 (mod 6) is (A) Solvable (B) Not solvable (C) Asymptotic (D) None of these lled 56. The congrucnce 2r = 3 (mod 4) has: (A)solution (B) n0 solution (C) finite solution (D) None of these 57. The linear congrucncc axb (mod m) has solution if and only if (a, m)1. (A) unique er (B) non-unique (C) no (D) None of these 58. Which of the following is correct ? (A) tis multiplicative (B) c is multiplicative (C) T anda both are multiplicative (D) None of these 59. A system of lincar congruence x a,(mod an,) is solvable if and only if: (A) (m, m) divides (a,-a) (B) mdivides a (C) (m-m) divides (a, a) (D) None of these 60. The system of congruences x = a (mod m) and x = a (mod n) has solution if and only if: (A) a=b mod (B) a= b (mod m-) (D) None of these C) a =b(mod mon) 61. Mobius function is: (B) holomorphic (A) isomorphic D) None of these (C) multiplicative (11) XE(H-3)-MAT(8)B
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