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.57 A body at a temperature T is brought into contact with a reservoir at temperature 27. Thermal equilibrium is established at constant pressure. The heat capacity of the body at constant pressure is Cp. The total change in entropy of the body and the reservoir in units of C, is _ (Round off to 2 decimal places)
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  • Animesh anand thankyou
    yes correct answer is 0.19 I send it first but you did not accept my answer prajapat
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    Kapil prajapat
    but i think i accept your answer.
  • Animesh anand
    kindly find your answer attach below
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  • Arjun kumar Best Answer
    answer 0.69
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  • Arjun kumar
    ans 0.69 cp
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    Kapil prajapat
    but ans is .19
  • Arjun kumar
    Ans 0.693cp
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