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57 Find out the correct order of rate of reaction towards allylic substitution. CH3 ()CH-CH CH (11) CH-CH,-CH=CH, () CH,-CH- CH= CH (a) I> II > III| (b) I1>I>> III (c) III > II>I (d) III > I>II
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi
    in this question is allylic addition not substitution. substitution is other thing in which we saw the sn2 type which decreases from 1 to 3 but if we take allylic addition like NBS...
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  • Pinky chaudhary Chaudhary thankyou
    option a more the alpha hydrogen with respect to carbocation more will be the stability more will be the rate of the reaction
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    but its ans is given as c
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