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59. Equations ofstate for gas A and B are written as PV-RT and PV -b) =RT, respectively. Which of these gas can be liquefy. (b= positive constant) (b) Gas B d) Neither gas A nor gas B (a) Gas A (c)Both gas A and B please exlain hm gas B ko kyu nhi liquify kr skte? ans is d
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  • Ranjhna
    pr yhan gas B me agr Z>1 h to fir iska matlab vha repulsive forces dominant h to gas Bis also should not get liquified
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    Gas B can liquefy as for gas A compressibility factor Z=1 and for gas B ,Z>1.. and the condition of liquefaction requires both cooling and compression and for this compressibilty f...
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