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59. Leakage through rock fractures below a dam can be reduced significantly by: A. Bolting B. Grouting D. Blasting C. Drilling (ITT-JAM 2011) 60. Adit is an underground excavation, which is: A A horizontal opening giving access to main tunnel B. A horizontal opening used for transport- ing water to powerhouse C. A vertical opening used for multiple purposes D. An inclined opening providing access to main tunnel (iIT-JAM 2071)
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    59) It has to be grouting. Grouting is particularly used for filling voids or gaps(cavities) in rock or soils. There are various materials required for grouting and based on this t...
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    also like message so that i can get notification
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  • Rahul kumar thankyou
    Answer: (B) Grouting Grouting involves the injection of appropriate materials under pressure into dam through specially constructed holes in order to avoid seepage of water. Answe...
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    Gurmeet singh
    what is bolting. & can you share any picture of adit.
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