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59. leakage through rock fractures below a dam can be reduced significantly by: a. bolting b. grouting d. blasting c. drilling (itt-jam 2011) 60. adit is an und

59. Leakage through rock fractures below a dam can be reduced significantly by: A. Bolting B. Grouting D. Blasting C. Drilling (ITT-JAM 2011) 60. Adit is an underground excavation, which is: A A horizontal opening giving access to main tunnel B. A horizontal opening used for transport- ing water to powerhouse C. A vertical opening used for multiple purposes D. An inclined opening providing access to main tunnel (iIT-JAM 2071)

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    59) It has to be grouting. Grouting is particularly used for filling voids or gaps(cavities) in rock or soils. There are various materials required for grouting and based on this they are subdivided. It involves mixture of cement, sand or water mainly to fill the gaps. Rock bolting is used for stabilization of rock excavations and used widely in tunnels amd road cut. 60) This one would be adit. Adit is basically a horizontal opening giving access to makn tunnel. See figure below to have clear idea about the various terminology in mining.

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    Rahul kumar

    Answer: (B) Grouting Grouting involves the injection of appropriate materials under pressure into dam through specially constructed holes in order to avoid seepage of water. Answer: (A) A horizontal opening giving access to main tunnel An adit is a horizontal opening which connects through the main mine or shaft to access different levels of mine.


    what is bolting. & can you share any picture of adit.


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