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6. A and B are both classical ideal gases of diatomic molecules. The point-like atoms in A are bounded rigidly to form diatomic molecules while in B they are connected by bonds of finite stiffness. The ratio of the specific heat per molecule at constant volume of gas A to gas B is (a) 1 (c) 6/5 (b) 5/7 (d) 3/4 LISc-20101
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    ans is b because in A there are 5 degre of freedom where 3 translation and 2 rotational so Cv=5/2 kt and in b there are 6 degree of freedom where 3 trans ,2 rotational and 1 vibra ...
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    for any doubt u can ask...
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  • Amrutha t
    please explain how did u get 6 degree of freedom for B
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    in B atoms are not rigid so they can translate ,,rotate and can also vibrate about their positions so 3 trans,2 rotational and 1 vibrarational degree of freedom
  • Vaishali sharma
    answer would be b
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  • Ruby negi
    one vibration mode active means 2 d.o.f freedom..
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  • Amrutha t
    thank u
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