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62. For a positive integer n we definc a function ju as: if n=1 Mn)-0 iffor some prime p -1 if n= Ph PzP is the product of k then u is called (A) Euler's function (B) Gauss fiunction (C) Mobius function (D) None of these 63. For each integern21: (A)ld) =ifn =1 di (B) D(d) =ifn =1 (B) )-10 ifn=0 (A) d)=o ifn>1 1ifn=1 (C)2)o otherwise (D) None of thesc 64. The function T () is equal to: (B) -1 (A) C) (D) None of these 65. Let f()= Sld), then : dia (A) )= (d)F(n/d) din (B) Sn)= Xp(ni d)F(d) (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these
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    Q62 = B is correct. See attachment
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