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67. A parallel circular plate capacitor with radius 10 cm is getting charged by an increasing voltage. The displacement current density (JD) is 0.5 pA/m. The magnetic field at a distance of 5 cm from the axis (point A) af the capacitor plate is approximately R A. 1.6 x 10-14 T B. 0.5 x 10-14 T C. 10 x 10-14 T D. 0 TT
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    see this question's solution also.
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    madam i am sorry for late reply 😞.. I forgot to see it.
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    dear, note that you have to find magnetic field at point r(r
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    Ruby negi
    but if r>R then the Jd is only upto R so when you do surface intergral of Jd it will be Jd*πR^2(in the right hand side of the equation)..
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    here is the solution...
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    thank you madam😊