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February 1, 2022 11:21 pmpts 30 pts
6Which of the following sets are equivalent to the open interval (0,0.786)? 1 P(Q) 2 P(Q) 3 Pe(Q) 4. P(Q)UP- (Q)
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  • Kanika goswami 1
    Dear student, If you have a doubt then please ask otherwise please mark my answer
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  • Kanika goswami 1
    Prerna, Have you any doubt?
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  • Kanika goswami 1 thankyou
    Prerna, Here P(A) stands for power set of set A i.e., set of all subsets of set A
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  • Kanika goswami 1
    power set of Q is uncountable and so having cardinality is same as any open interval which is given also. So option 1 and 4 are correct.
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    Prerna chaudhary 1
    ma'am please define notations.. P_f(Q), P_c(Q)