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7. Two cars of unequal masses use similar tyres. If they are moving at the same initial speed, the minimum stopping distance (a) is smaller for the heavier car (b) is smaller for the lighter car (c) is same for both cars (d) depends on the volume of the car. 8. In order to stop a car in shortest distance on a horizontal road, one should (a) apply the brakes very hard so that the wheels stop rotating (b) apply the brakes hard enough to just prevent slipping (c) pump the brakes (press and release) (d) shut the engine off and not apply brakes.
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  • Himanshu Pandey
    one more thing I want to clarify here is that you can be confuse by option A so in that particular option kinetic friction will be greater than the static friction here I mean to s...
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  • Himanshu Pandey
    For the 8th question answer should be option B as we know that static friction is always greater than kinetic friction that's why when you apply enough break the velocity of lower ...
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  • Yognarayan
    okk 😊
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    apply friction concept on ques 7.. using this u will find same acceleration for both . therefore acceleration, Velocity is same so distance will also same... u r right option c is ...
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  • Ruby negi
    8.option a is correct according to me.
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