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70. Cosider a group U(15) (1,2,4,7,1113, 14) under multiplication modulo 15. Then order of the element 7 is: (A) 3 (8) C)5 (D) None of these Let G be a group and G' be the commutator subgroup of G.Then choose the corecr stintement KA) G is u nomal subgroup of G. (B) G/G is Abelian. () IfMis a normal subgroup of G such that G/M is Abelian, then &CM. (D) All of these 2. Let P,() be a vector space of all polynomials of degree S n. Then: (A) dim P,()=n-1 (B) dim P, ()=n ) dim P, () =n + (D) None of these Let G S,,n2 5 then G for k=1, 2, 3,-Contains every.O S A) )3-cycle B) 4+cycle 5-Cycle (D) None of these Which of the statements is correct ? (A) Gis solvable G=(e) for some integer k. (B) G= (e) for some integer k => G is solvable. (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these
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