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73. The corrosion of iron in contact with an acidic aqueous solution undergoes the following reaction Fels)+2H" aq) > Fes" (aq) + H,(g) (1) In the anaerobic condition, and the following reaction 2Fe(s) +02(aq) + 4H (aq) >Fes" (aq) +2H,00 2) - .-. 117/M/112,M BLOCK, KAKADEO KANPUR NAGAR UTTAR PRADESH CONTACT NO. 7880546666, 7380546666 In the aerobic condition. During the corrosion, Fe(1) ions are formed in both conditions. If the water is polluted with Cr(IV), the following reaction may take place. H" (aq) +3Fe" (aq) +HC:0,(ag) es 3Fe"(ag) +Cr" (aq)+ 4H,O0) 2Fe +3e e3Fe" (aq) 7H" (aq) + HCOg (aq) + 3e eCr(aq) + 4H,0) E° =+1.38 V ) E°-+0.77 V (4) (5) The standard potentials of these reactions are with respect to the normal hydrogen electrode. What would be the approximate value of the equilibrium constant of reaction 3 at 298 K: (a) 10 (b) 10 (c) 10 d) 10
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