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73 The improper dr is said to be absolutely convergent, if: (A) de diverges (B) de converges (C) dx converges (D) None of these 74. 1tfand g be two positive functions such that f(x) < g (x), for all x in [a, b], th by comparison testg dr diverges, if: (A) dx converges (B) Sdr diverges (C) is bounded (D) None of these 75. In a topological space a set is closed if and only if its complementis (A) closed (B) open (C) dense (D) None of these 76. In a topological space (X, T): (A) Xe T and o e T (B) Xe T (C) eT (D) None of these 77. The geometric series 1 +r+rét.., COnverges for (A) 0Sr <1 (B) r= 1 (C)r>1 (D) None of these 18. If the sequence {s,}, where s, = 1 +-,n eN converges to the Iimit I as n n then (A) 1-0 (B) 0.5 (C) 1-1 (D) None of these XE(H-3)-MAT(5) (18)
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