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8. Durng the propagation of electromagnetiC waves in a medium: (a) clectne energy density 1S double of the magnetic energy density (6) electnc energy density 1s half of the magnetic energy density C) cicctric energy density 15 cqual to the magneuc energy density (d) both electric and magnetic energy densities are zero 9. The average value of pointing vector Savg 1S given by (a) Save avg E Cavg c) d) avg . For an em wave propagation trom one dielectnc medum to anotherdielcctrie medium, the relation between incident, retiected and transmited wave vectors iS (where and na re retractive indices ot the two tirst and second medhum) (a) *Rn (b) k = kx kr (d) R + Kr T 11. The magnetic flux density B for a given magnetic vector potential A = xi + 2xj + zk a) 4 (D) (c) k (d) 2k 12. Expression for D'Alembertian operator is (a) - b) V+EUE () -v* - egH 13. Coulomb Gauge condition is (a) VxA-0 (b) V.A = 00 (c) Vp= 14. The momentum of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field is given by (where i is the velocity of motion of a charge particle of mass m, A is the vector potential) (a) p= m-q4 (0P (C) p= mv + q4 2mi - 15. For an electromagnetic wave propagating along negative Z:-axis, if the polarization of electric field is along positive X-axis, the polarization of associated magnetic field will be along (a) Positive X-axis (b) Positive Y-axis (c Negatve X-axis (d) Negative Y-axis
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    The correct answer are : 10.) a 11.) d 12.) a 13.) b 14.) a 15.) d
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