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80. Orbital angular momentum is associated with motion of the body along (A) Circular path (B) Straight path (C) Central point (D) Pivot axis 81. The formula of angular momentum of the moving body is : (A) L rpp (B) L r Kp (C) L--p (D) Lr+p 82 Whenever the distributed loading acts perpendicular to an area of its intensity Varies A) linearly (b)non-linearly (c)parabolically () cubically 83. The calculation of the moment of the body due to the loadings involve a quantity called (A) Moment (B) Inertia (C) Moment of inertia (D) Rotation 84. The parallel axis theorem gives the moment of inertia. to the surface of considerance. (A) linearly (B) non-linearly (C) perpendicular (D) parallel 85. The parallel axis theorem uses the Of the distance. (A) Square root (B) Square (C) Cube root (D) Cube
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    80----> A. 81---->B. 82------>A. 83----->C. 84------>C. 85----->A
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