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80. Orbital angular momentum is associated with motion of the body along: (A) Circular path B) Straight path (C)Central point (D) Pivot axis 81. The formula of angular momentum of the moving body is : (A) L-rp (B) L-rxp C)L-p (D) Lr+p 82. Whenever the distributed loading acts perpendicular to an area of its intensity varies (A) linearly (b)non-linearly ()parabolically (d) cubically 83. The calculation of the moment of the body due to the loadings involve a quantity called (A) Moment (B) Inertia (C) Moment of inertia (D) Rotation 84. The parallel axis theorem gives the moment of inertia O the surface o considerance. (A) linearly (B) non-linearly (C) perpendicular (D) parallel 85. The parallel axis theorem uses the Of the distance. (A) Square root (B) Square (C) Cube root (D) Cube
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