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84. Lithosphere subjected to local and regional loads react by phenomenon that is known as: A RiftingB C. Obduction 92. Which of the following is characteristic of a tsunami? A. Very long wavelength B. Very fast moving wave C. Very low wave amplitude in the open ocean D. All of the above B. Subduction (DU-2014) D. Flexure (DU-2014)
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    84-D and 92-D ... Please find solution below.. Also note that the energy flux is dependent on wave height and speed both, so to maintain it's constancy, if wave speed slow down the...
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  • Rahul pandey thankyou
    Answer: Flexure Phenomena of Lithosphere bending caused by local and regional loads is termed as flexure. Answer: All of the above All of the given options are correct. In open o...
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    i think fast moving wave has high amplitude?