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88. Aring R is a Boolean ring if, for allx eR: A) x (B) *=- (C)- (D) None of these is a maximal ideal of a ring Z if and only if n is a: 8. prime number (8) compoSite number (C)natural number (D) None of these (4 7 11 90. The sum of the eigen value of the matrix 7 1-21 -21 A) 11 (B) 3 (C) 17 (D) None of these s)- 3x +r+ 2x +1 &()= x*+4x +2 e Zs [=] The reminder upon dividing f() by s(7) is: A) 3x+1 (B) 2x+1 (C) 2x (D) None of these 92. Let U and W be subspaces of a vector space V and UuWis also a subspacn V, then : (A) either Uc W or WcU (B) Un W (C) U=W (Dy None of these.
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