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9. If matrix A is m X n and B is n xp, then number of multiplication operations and addition operations needed to calculate the matrix AB, respectively are (a) mn'p, mpn (c) mpn, mpn (b) mpn, (n- 1 }mp (d) mn'p, (m + p)n
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  • Ishu 1 thankyou
    no of multipiction operation =(mxn)(nxp)=mnp bcz first matrix has m rows n column if we multipal first row with first column then n multipal operation.first row multiply p column s...
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  • Dristi vashishtha
    according to this formulla answer should be n(m+p)
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  • Viksha garg
    option B
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    Dristi vashishtha
    what have you done in no. of addition operation
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