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9. which of the following is the type area of jarassic rocks in india? a kutch b. trichinappally c. spiti d. jaisalmer (amu-2015)

9. Which of the following is the type area of Jarassic rocks in India? A Kutch B. Trichinappally C. Spiti D. Jaisalmer (AMU-2015)

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  • Mayank sagar best-answer

    ans is A, C,D it is because we know kutch has Jurassic sequence :- katrol , chari & patcham . Now Jurassic of spiti we have lochanbal beds , chidambal beds & beleminter gerardi beds(fossil) . jurassic of Rajasthan we have in balmar basin & jaisalmer basin. (both have same corresponding names ) :- Jaisalmer formation (upper jurassic ) & lathi formation ( lower jurassic) . in trichinopally it all has the sequence of Cretaceous timeline i.e niniyur , ariyaur , trichinopally , uttatur . SO ANSWER IS A, C ,D ( multiple choice question) bur if it is single choice then it will be A as maximum amount of Jurassic rocks are found in kutch

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    Saurabh 1

    Type area of jurassic sequence in india is - Kutch basin. Which is itself subdivided into various formation having characteristic fossils and rock formations. Patcham, Chari, Katrol, Umia are the main subdivisions of Kutch basin(Jurassic period). Most probably correct option is A.


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