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90. An integor n is callod a t 22 (mod n) (A) Prime (C) Copeine (B) Pseado prime (D) None of these 91. Fermat's number F, is expressed as (A) 21 (B) 2 (C) 22-1 (0) None of these 92 If m-1+1is divisible by m, then m is a (A) Composite (B) Prime (C) Odd (D) None of these 95. 1fp is a. and a is any integer, then either (a, p)-1orais a mhiple ot p (A) primc B) odd (C)pseduo prime (D) None of these 94. Fundamental theorcm of arithmetic states that "every posilive inleger n 1 can be Expressed as the product of. (A) peimes factors (B) primes factors tmiguely (C) primes factor but not uniqucly (D) None of these 95. v2 is a (B) not rational number (A) rational number (D) None of these (C) prime number % Ifp is a prime and (a, p)1, then : (B) af=1 (mod p) (A) aP= 1 (mod p) (D) None of these (C) a=1mod p) (17) 13)-MAT(8B
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