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90. An ntegor n is callod a t 2-2(mod n). (A) Prime (C) Copeime (B) Pseado prime (D) Noee of these 91. Femat's mumber F, is expressed a: (A) 21 (8) 2 (C) 22-1 () None of these 92. If m-1+1is divisible by m, then is a (A) Composite (B) Prime (C) Odd (D) None of these 95. 1fp is a. and a is any integer, then either (a, p)-1orais a mhiple ot p A) primec (B) odd (C)pseduo prime (D) None of these 94. Fundamental theorcm of arithmetic states that ery posilivef rn1 can be Expressed as the product of. (A) peimes fiactors (B) primes factors tmiguely (C) primes factor but not uniqucly (D) None of these 95. 2 is a (B) not rational number (A) rational number (D) None of these (C) prime number 6. Ifp is a prime and (a, p) 1, then: (8) af= 1 (mod p) (A) al 1 (mod p) (D) None of these (C) a=1mod p) (17) oN31MAT(8B
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    in 95 which ans is right. ans c can possible
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