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94. Solve: a by Monge's method: A) z-E(+ ax)+ R-) (B) -F(r+ ay)- 5x+ay) (C) Fy-a) (D) None of these 95. Solver- (A) -x+ )+ 50y-) (B) Sr-)- f0y+) (C) = f-)+ 50-) (D) None of these 96. Solve: (+)dtdy+ dz-0 (A) y+z = Ae (B) y- Ae (C)=Ae (D) None of these 97. The unit of viscosity is: (A) m/sec. (B) kg-sec/m (D) newton-sec/m (C) newton-sec/m2 98. If vertex of a cone is taken as the centre and a sphere of unit radius now be drawn, then the area intercepted by the cone on the surface of this sphere is called the of the cone. (B) Liquid angle (A) Solid angle (D) None of these (C) Right angle
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    94 A .95 A. 96 A . 97C
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