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(a) 574 The vapour pressure of water at 300 K in a closed contajner is 0.4 atm. If the volume of the container is doubled, its vapour pressure at 300K will be 37. (b) 0.2 atm (c) 0.4 atm (d) 0.6 atm (a) 0.8 atm atin af 1:2 and their temperature are in the ratio of 2:1, thus the
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  • Preethi
    why this is not possible
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
    option C The vapour pressure of water will remain same as the temperature is unchanged. Explanation- The vapor pressure of a liquid varies with its temperature As the temperature ...
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  • Bhagat singh
    answer c is correct.
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