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A batch of students studied the effect of changing either phospholipid composition or temperature on the transport of solutes across liposomal membranes. From these studies, the students arrived at the following conclusions: P: Increase in the saturation of hydrocarbon chains led to an increase in the rate of to of diffusion of oxygen Q: Decreasing the temperature to S°C led to a decrease in the rate of potassium ransport by valinomycin (a carrier ionophore) R: Increase in the hydrocarbon chain length did not have any effect on the transport mediated by gramicidin (a channel ionophore) Which of these conclusion(s) is/are NOT correct? (a) Only R (b) Only Q and R (c) Only P (d) Only P and Q
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    Answer is ( C). Only P wrong. P is not correct because as Saturation increases , van der waals force increases between lipids. So, Permeability will decrease between liposomal mem...
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