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A closed Gaussian surface consisting ofa hemsp Isphere and a circular dise ot ra placed in a unifomne electric field E, as shown in the figure. The circular disc makes an ut of the angle 0=30" with the vertical. Find the lux of the electric field vector coming out curved surface of the hemisphere. The shape of a dielectric lamina is defined by the two curves y=0 and y =1-X.1f the charge density of the laminao= 7.5yCIm , then find the total charge on the lamina A solid sphere of radius R has a charge density, given by to)- where r is the radial coordinate and Po, a and R are positive constants. (a) Find the magnitude of the electric field atr= R/2 (b) Find the magnitude of the electric field at r=R Htanann maanitnde of the electric field is maximum. Also find tne
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