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A glass plate of refractive index 1.6 is in contact with an- other glass plate of refractive index 1.8 along a line such that a wedge of 0.5° is formed. Light of wavelength 5000 A 1s incident vertically on the wedge and the film is viewed from the top. Calculate the fringe spacing. The whole appa- ratus is immersed in an oil of refractive index 1.7. What will be the qualitative difference in the fringe pattern and what wll be the new fringe width?
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    derivation for fringe width
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  • Ruby negi
    in wedge shaped file interference, we need the refractive index of medium which is between the glass plates that are at some angle with each other.
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
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  • Ruby negi
    Is fringe width is 28.6*10^(-6)m when apparatus is in air and new fringe width is 16.8*10^(-6)m when apparatus is immersed in oil? if this is right, I'll attach my solution..
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