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A particle of mass 4 m which is at rest explodes into three fragments. Two of the fragments each of mass m are found to move with a speed v each in mutually perpendicular directions. The energy released in the process of explosion is n (A) my2 (O (B) my nisto mmolinu A vlsoihov pripasr (C) mv None of these oli(D)
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  • Anshum Sharma
    So final Kinetic energy = K.E¹ + K.E² + K.E³ then subtract from initial Kinetic energy
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    To find the energy released in explosion, You have to find the difference initial and final Kinetic energies, so that is why you have to calculate the momentum of all the masses.
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  • Anshum Sharma thankyou
    see attached image
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    Shivanantham S
    Can you explain briefly and Why find out the valu of p3
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