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February 3, 2021 8:46 pmpts 30 pts
In photoelectric effect...suppose that a photon is incident on metal surface. Its energy is not sufficient to eject electron. So this photon energy is absorbed by the electron. Now if another photon is incident on that same electron the energy of electron must increase...and probably it may leave the surface(if electron gains energy more than work function now). Is it possible? This is not going correct on grounds of the theory of photoelectric effect.
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  • Isha lohan Best Answer
    Good question Vijay. Energy is not stored in electron. See what happens is, photon collides, electron gets energy, it gets excited, it can't leave atom as energy os not sufficien...
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    Isha lohan
    these photons with lesser energy have nothing to do with the photoelectric effect. I hope you get my point. ☺️
  • Surya prakash verma
    this is not possible,if the electron has to get out it has to get out in the first go itself. energy won't get stored as described
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    Vijay Dalakoti
    Why is that energy is not stored..I mean where does that energy go then?
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