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A rain drop falling vertically under gravity gathers moisture from the atmosphere at a rate given by =kt*, where m is the instantaneous mass, t is time and k is a constant. The dt equation of motion of the rain drop is dvdm m+ mg If the drop starts falling at t =0, with zero initial velocity and initial mass mo (given: mo =2 gm, k = 12 gm/s' and g= 1000 cm/s*), the velocity (v) of the drop after one second is (A) 250 cm/s (B) 500 cm/s (C) 750 cm/s D) 1000 cm/s
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  • Jeevesh thankyou
    first convert the given Differential Equation of Motion into a form which can be solved and then integrate it with the specific value. please see the attachment for details
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    is it a hard question? and are u preparing for jam
  • Manshu
    are u preparing for jam
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    No. I have completed my JAM and currently pursuing my masters.