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A semicoductor is known to have an electron concentration of 8 x 101 per cm and a hole concentration of 5 x 1012 per cm What is the resistivity of the sample if the electron mobility is 23,000 cm? /Vs and hole mobility is 100 cm2/ Vs? (A) 3.4Q cm (C) 0.5 n cm (B 2.5 cm (D) none of these
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  • Kshitij Chavan thankyou
    Answer is A.
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    Answer would be (A) 3.4 Ohm cm As Resistivity depends on the no. of electrons present For conductivity we have formula ∆ = mobility of electrons × concentration of electrons ...
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  • Yash patel Best Answer
    you can go with option B it's nearest
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