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A simple electric motor has an armature resistance of 1 ohm and runs from a dcsoi V. When running unloaded it draws a current of 2A. VWhen a certain load is connected becomes one half of its unloaded value. Then the current in amperes it draws is ource of 12 ad is connected, its speed 72 A 50 HzA.C. current of peak value 1A flow through the primary coil of a transformer. If the miut inductance between primary and secondary IS 1.5 R, the mean value of the induced voltane is mutual e
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  • Swapnil Bait
    my doubt is how emf e is directly proportional to w angular velocity
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  • Somnath Best Answer
    Similat type problem is given in the attached file. Just replace 9/10 by 1/2(50%).You will get the answer.
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