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a. Suppose that a particular cell has 30 different kinds of transfer-RNA molecules, each with one of 20 possible amino acids attached at its distal end. On average, how many different sets of codon triplets in the messenger- RNA chain would each transfer-RNA have to recognize, in order to make all the proteins necessary for cell growth? Give a number for your answer and show how you deduce it. 2.01
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    Yes question is not very specific that's why I took these conditions. Even few amino acids such as Trp & Tyr usually have 1 Codon or so & are very less in Number in Proteins. So we...
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    This question can be dealt under different conditions :- There are 64 Codons 1 Codon codes for fmet that is the start codon so only one such. 3 codons are STOP Codon so none synt...
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    i did the same(second possibility) but wasn't confident thank you so much sir
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