Vanshika Asked a Question
July 12, 2020 1:06 pmpts 30 pts
e3 value is not given in a question so where it comes from in solution?
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  • Vaishali sharma Best Answer
    dear they take ebergy levals to be equally spaced
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    yeah, it is typo ... they took it 2*1.38*10^-21
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    mam I'm unable to post more doubts i don't know why questions are not submitting anymore ...plz hlp me
  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    it will take energy equally spaced... so here it will take just double of 1.38*10^21
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    Chandra dhawan
    hope you get it dear
  • Vaishali sharma
    so on the basis of difference b/w two leval must be same so they took it with that analogy . bcoz 1.38 ×2 = 2.76 so
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    Vaishali sharma
    hope u get it dear