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Tnus tne partICIe ExCldi infinite square well potential of width a. (Take the potential inside the well to be zero and ignore spin) (CSIR-JUNE 2014) Example: Consider a system of two non-interacting identical fermions, each of mass m in an 57h2 The composite wavefunction for the system with total energy E is 2ma (210h ain sin sin sin (A) a a (B) sin sin21 +sin in Com a a sin a (310h2 - sin 2a sin 3TX sin T (C) 2a (D) None of these
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    the reason is that, given energy is 5* energy of first state so it can be represented in the form of energy of second state plus energy of first state means one fermion is in first...
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    option a is correct..
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    so there won't be factor of 1/√2 multiplied to it ?
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