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April 24, 2021 7:24 pmpts 30 pts
A wooden block is pressed in water then. 1. Its Potential Energy increases. 2. Its Potential Energy decreases. 3. Its Potential Energy does not change. 4. Cant say. Explain how2
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  • Deepak
    Due to conservative force, it stores in its potential energy. As this force stores so that the body tries to reach its equilibrium position, such force is a conservative force like...
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  • Lekhika thankyou
    kindly see attached file for solution.
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  • Sahil nath
    1)It's Potential Energy increases.... Since buoyant force is a conservative force, work done against it is stored as potential energy(gained). Hence, the potential energy of the b...
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    Raju ram
    but how does we determine force type.
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