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November 28, 2021 • 16:54 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

Alkin g+ mer isi orru ithc a two tale quoemum setem hau two eet obt ertvables aand o ntf known hat+he nev ob servoable haseigen todes ond rfac tha dt etir co 1g

aLKIn g+ mer ISi orru Ithc A two tale quoemum Setem hau two eet obt ertvables Aand o ntf known hat+he nev ob Servoable haseigen todes Ond rfac tha dt etir CO 1g 2 wh efgtn val uu a and O2 naspe Cve tha inv while B has cigon Stotea 1e and 1P h eigen valuas b and b roA peckivel 0nd thad h23 e r ing zak ti dc eigen Gtates arte rcelaRd by h 1 = 1) 14 , IPa)1)+2146) 5 SupPOse a measungment mad . of he obtervasl Ond ovalue a, obtained, Lf the obienyah l n ouo meauned, the probabî1ft of Obtajning TIER 26151 he valu bi w? bbe a 0. 0 b) 0.64 c)0.60 d0.24

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