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April 17, 2020 5:27 pmpts 30 pts
all these sims come under same method ..?if so solve any one and I ll solve others...I posted 3 sets of each set if it is the same solve and show me 3 sums
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  • Arzoo
    When you will do so many questions related to it then you will find that you are able to do such questions by just thinking of tests and little calculations. As in first series it ...
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    yeah.. that a cool tip....sure..✌
  • Arzoo
    Madhu i will post other question after you get this one.
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  • Arzoo thankyou
    check the attachments.
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    don't we have shortcut for solving in nat?
  • Lov kumar thankyou
    Question No. 10) convergence
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    Lov kumar