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Alustration 4.7 In the figure, a thermodynamic system i taken from state A to B, C, D and then back to A, as shown The system has an internal energy of 400 mJ in state C. Determine: own. a. The internal energy of the system in the state B if the- heat given to the system during the procesS from B to be 50 mJ. b. Find the work done by the system and heat supplied ta it, when it is taken from state C to state B Via the b. path CDAB. D 6 4 3 C 2 B 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Volume (litre)
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    used first law of thermodynamics, and then used applied conditions to solve further. please see attachment. Note is added at the end to understand how we get mJ for this system.
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