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AM BT AM BT 201 bacterium 'is te a A wild type (W) strain of 4. the conversion of a colourley due to nutants M cursor X to R. Two colourles mutants a Gene 1 and Gete The followin and M2 (with mutations in dtoing 2, respective were obtained. shows the observed colour of the chart in a medium bacterium when grown supplemented with either X, Y or z. Supplement X Y Red Red Red W MI White Red White M2 White Red Red Which one of the following describes the correct pathway for red pigment synthesis? (A) XGenelYGs Z R (B) rane _GeselZR C)xGeael Z_Gti R (D) TGnt ZGeseY R IT JAM BT 2007
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    D is correct statement. since Z cannot be converted to red in M1 so it mean Z>R not possible. see image
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  • Yajur arora
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