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An airplane emits sound uniformly in all directions while flying at its cruising altitude. The maximum intensity level measured on the ground (10000 m from the airplane) is 70 dB. (a) (2 marks) Calculate the sound intensity of the airplane 10000 m away from the airplane. (b) (2 marks) Calculate the total sound power emitted by the airplane. (c) (2 marks) The airplane is flying towards the east and passes directly over your head. The plane is travelling at a speed of 960 km/hr and is at an altitude of 10000 m. The sound you hear from the airplane gets louder and then quieter. Where is the plane at the time you hear the loudest sound? (d) (4 marks) Two speakers are driven by the same amplifier with a frequency of 1725 Hz. The two speakers are 9 m apart. An observer, starting 12 m to the right of speaker 2, starts moving towards speaker 2 along a line perpendicular to the line connecting the two speakers as shown. How far does the observer need to walk before they hear their third sound minimum? speaker 1 m speaker 2 (
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