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An amino acid has a non-ionizable R group. The pK, for the NH, group is 9.4 and for the cOOH group is 2.8 Consider the following statements. P. At a pH of 6.1, 50% of the amino acid molecules will migrate towards the cathode when placed between two electrodes Q. At a pH of 2.8, 50% of the amino acid molecules in solution are of the from R H,N C-COOo H R. The pl of the amino acid is 6.1 S. On titration of the amino acid solution with NaOH, the amino group is deprotonated before the carboxylic group Which PAIR of the above statement is CORRECT? (a) Q,R (b) PS (c) P, R (d) Q,S
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    P and R Correct. Please find the attachment.
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